Aspen Brooks & Kristen Kraves

Aspen Brooks has secretly admired her pornstar stepmom Kristen Kraves’ work for some time and has spent endless hours jacking off to her Grooby scenes – on this occasion, Kristen arrives home early to find Aspen spread wide on the sofa just about to bust a load over her favourite movie. She’s naturally appalled…..for a second……before her deepest desires take over and she invites Kristen onto the sofa to join her. A very special roleplay production ft. two hung and horny GroobyGirls!


“Phenomenal TS on TS Update and Super Hot Pairing: It is great seeing Aspen Brooks back looking absolutely gorgeous as always. and the TGirls.Porn Debut of TMILF Kristen Kraves. I loved the way the scene began with Aspen sitting on the couch stroking her big girlcock while watching one of Kristen Kraven’s scenes and her walking in and joining her on the couch and deepthroating Aspen’s Big Girlcock. and moving into the bedroom with Aspen bending her over the bed penetrating Kristen from behind balls deep and pulling her hair as well. and loved the sound of Aspen’s balls slapping off of Kristen’s ass with each thrust”

“I couldn’t add this one to my favorites fast enough! It will take one hell of a scene to top it in the monthly poll! Two beautiful girls and some powerful deep-throating and topping in several positions by at least one suffices for this fan. I was hooked from the opening angle as Aspen, with her pin-up girl looks, stroked her delicious fat treat with an older/younger seduction fantasy in mind as expressed in her sexy voice over. Then entered Kristen as a sexy take-charge, seductive cougar who knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it! Quickly seductor became a submissive seductee. Sure, opened mouth kissing and tonguing and mutual oral as pointed out by mike would’ve made it even better. Still all-in-all this is a superior scene. Outstanding work by all involved! And by the way: voice overs aren’t utilized nearly enough in t-girl sites. They make for a more polished and complete production when they’re truly some of a girl’s innermost thoughts and not just the lines of a writer.”


Aspen Brooks & Kami Kartel

A dazzling production awaits over in our nut-busting update area this week as shapely beauty Aspen Brooks intertwines with the super-cute Kami Kartel for a white hot session of steamy TS on TS antics! Two highly sexed and in demand chicks make waves in their TGirls.Porn debut exclusives – go get some!


“Phenomenal TS on TS Update and Debut. It is awesome to see Aspen Brooks and Kami Kartel on TGirls.Porn. I also liked how the scene began with them kissing and caressing and deepthroating each other. and looking into the camera and the frottage as well. with Aspen commanding the action for the entire scene rimming Kami’s Ass and topping her Doggy and Missionary Styles balls deep and also liked the sound of her balls slapping off of Kami’s Ass with each thrust. And shooting her nectar all over her face was an awesome to end the scene. Aspen Brooks and Kami Kartel are both are very beautiful and talented TGirls and their performances was very impressive. Thanks for the Superb TS on TS Update RD. Looking forward to seeing more of Aspen Brooks as a Full Top. and Kami Kartel as a Full Bottom. Keep up the great work RD :)”

“RiDickulous! Another ridickulous RD production! But what else should we expect from the master? It’s always nice to welcome new talent to this site and these two performed awesomely! If that’s not even a real word then I’ve just made it up. But please forgive me. What a way to open with the smaller Kami as the aggressor and her excitement sticking out of her panties! Superb head that made me so envious of both. Their cocks look amazing in all respects! And Kami’s golden locks, sensuous eyes, petite frame and gorgeous bubble butt! Who could resist licking the latter? And her soft, round thighs: damn! Seeing her thrusting in and out of Aspen’s conquering mouth with her li’l toes curled is really a treat. And I love her aggressiveness again, being the smaller one, when she got on top and jacked Aspen’s phat cock! I damn-near blew a tire at the 26:00 mark watching Aspen humping in and out of that beautiful ass from a side view! Mondays aren’t so bad anymore because they’re the new Tuesday eve. A big welcome, ladies, and kudos to all involved! Five well-earned rock-hard stars!”

“They both have really beautiful dicks, I love Aspen’s sweet fur above her pretty dick, I also love Aspen Brooks big time”